I think I have to start my story off by stating the fact that changing my mindset around dieting and saying screw the diet rules, literally changed my life. No exaggeration, no question. Just straight up CHANGED.MY.LIFE. The end. Ok, not the end, there’s a lot more to my story. I just needed to get that off my chest!

So if you read my About page I mentioned that fitness has always been a part of my life. I grew up playing ringette and hockey and my earliest memories of working out in a gym are probably late in junior high, or middle school for my American friends!

I think when it came to dieting, the first real “diet” I remember doing was Body For Life and that would have been in my last year of high school. I actually lost quite a bit of weight on this diet but it was definitely not a sustainable way of life. You basically followed the rules 6 days a week, and when I say rules, there was a list longer than I care to remember. Day 7 you got a “cheat day” and this where it all went wrong. I livedddd for those cheat days, I would stuff my face with anything I could get my hands on, ice cream, Doritos, mini eggs, you name it, I ate it. And then felt like garbage.

Throughout University I went up and down in weight, restricting calories during the week and then binging on the weekends. I started running and ran a few 10 K’s and a half marathon but I was by no means happy with my body.

After my undergrad, I moved out to Alberta and worked in the mountains for the summer then came into Calgary and worked as a server/bartender while deciding what I wanted to do next in life. Out West, I did the gym thing and one fad diet after another. I applied to the Dental Hygiene program back home and when I was accepted I made my way back out East.

Set change! In comes “the captain”! So I’m in my first year of hygiene and in a new relationship, I remember going over to his place and opening the refrigerator and thinking OMG I can’t eat any of this, we are going to have to get me my own groceries asap! He had your typical “bachelor” stuff stocked, and to me, all of this was a no go zone! So I went out and stocked up on all the fat-free this and low cal that and went from there. I started tracking my food using the Lose It app during this time and again, super low cal all week at school then blow out stuff my face on the weekends and let me tell you, the captain had no problem joining me in all that good eatin.  It was this terrible cycle of me losing 5 lbs during the week only to literally gain it all back on the weekend, feel like shit on Monday and be getting absolutely no further ahead than I was the week before.

As far as working out went during school, I did a lot of Body Combat classes and lots and lots of cardio.

Almost right after I graduated “the captain” proposed and we bought our first house! We decided to do a destination wedding and got married in Jamaica (side note, if you are debating on doing a destination wedding, stop, and DO IT! Best decision ever!). So getting married in Jamaica meant being in a bathing suit on a beach for a week, which also meant more dieting! I know I did the Insanity program with Shaun T to get ready and tried fad diet after fad diet. I ended up losing some weight for the wedding and was in decent shape but still not where I wanted to be.

Then Paleo entered my life. I love the whole foods approach to paleo but my problem was the restriction of it. When I start something I follow it to the T, no excuses, that is, until I can’t anymore. In comes more restrictive “hardcore” paleo during the week followed by weekend binges. When you spend any amount of time making sure every single morsel of food that touches your lips is paleo then just go whole hog on a tub of ice cream and a package of cookies, it hits you like a ton of bricks, let me tell you!

I played around with Keto and the low fodMAPS diet while still sticking to the paleo principles but it never ended any better for me. All the hard work meticulously prepping my paleo food and working my ass off in the gym all week only to end up back there Monday morning bloated, feeling horrible and making zero progress.

About 4ish years ago I started seeing stuff online about girls losing weight while eating ice cream and doughnuts and I was super intrigued.  I started researching and reading everything I could about it. Like hours and hours and days and weeks of reading and researching! I was at my wit’s end with my lack of progress so I figured there was nothing to lose by giving it a shot. June 6th 2015 was the first day I decided to change my mindset around food and toss the diet rules and I haven’t looked back since. I lost 32 lbs coaching myself through it all. It wasn’t always an easy journey but never once did I regret my decision to go against everything I thought I knew about dieting and start making my own rules!

Nowadays you can find me in the kitchen whipping up anything from a greek yoghurt pizza crust to an ooey-gooey cheesy lasagna. I switch up my workouts all the time but love training with the captain, lifting heavy, and doing fun circuit workouts like BBG!

Five years ago I would have never dreamt about starting a blog or coaching to pursue my passion. I had no confidence in myself and always thought, how could I ever help anyone else when I can’t even help myself? Now all I want to do is help women find this same confidence and share my knowledge.

My story isn’t over, every day I work towards a new goal, striving to be the best version of myself. But I can tell you with 100% certainty that I do this with confidence, happiness and food freedom which brings such empowerment.

If you can relate and would like some guidance, I’m here to help!

As you can see, the proof is in the pudding! Orrrr the pictures I suppose haha.

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