What if you didn’t have to worry about following a strict meal plan to get the body of your dreams?


What if you could spend less time obsessing over how much kale had to go into your smoothie and still get amazing results?


What if I told you-you could start your custom plan to ditch the diet RIGHT NOW? Without any grocery store runs, without any lists of supplements, with ONLY the food you had in your house RIGHT THIS MINUTE!?


What if you never felt that awful need to binge again because your food choices were no longer restricted?


I know what it’s like dieting hard all week long......


Feeling SO restricted.....


Making it to the weekend, only to dive headfirst into a bag of chips, a tub of ice cream, a box of cookies, before you even know what happened!


There goes the ‘diet’, there goes 3000 calories, there goes your self-worth and you're right back to where you started.


Always down 5 lbs, up 8…….


Feeling like absolute shit every single Monday morning, but having to start that diet ALL OVER AGAIN!


Wondering if it’s even worth the emotional turmoil anymore…….


Girlllll, there’s a BETTER WAY!


One where you can have your cake and eat it too! (or your ice cream in my case).


I’ve been through it all!


I’ve made my mistakes and I’ve learned!


And now I want to show YOU the way, so you can STOP fighting with food!


Stop feeling bad about yourself, stop feeling embarrassed, stop feeling shame...


I will show you how to:

  • Gain confidence
  • Gain the body you’ve always wanted


You can STOP the fad diets, the pills, the waist wraps, the detox teas, all that bullsh*t and actually live your life while reaching your GOALS!

I can’t wait for you to get STARED!

It’s time to build that badass body and mind you’ve been dreaming of!


Welcome to your NEW LIFESTYLE, girlfriend.




With your Ditch the Diet program you get EVERYTHING you need to get the body of dreams along with:

  • all the information you need so you know exactly how and what to eat to lose the weight, gain muscle and look AMAZING without restrction.

  • 3 video trainings on how flexible dieting works.

  • in depth nutrition guide with specifics on eating out and drinking alcohol.

  • my everyday list of food staples.

  • extensive food list when it comes to protein, carbs and fat.

  • weekly mindset homework.

  • flexible dieting 101 guide.

  • quick start guide.

  • beginner weight lifting program.

  • access to a private group where you can share your wins, ask questions and support other like minded women on the same journey as you.





What are some of my past clients saying about my program??!!

‘In only 2 weeks I’m down 4 lbs and still eating the foods I enjoy! No pills, no gimmicks, no hyper-restrictions, no fad diets, no extreme exercise programs, just a lot of guidance from my amazing coach Laura, on how to beat the diet and binge cycle so many of us get stuck in. Trust me when I say, this isn’t a fad diet, it’s just changing how you see the food you eat, and allowing yourself to live life normally and still lose weight’. -Jill

‘I had the pleasure of being introduced to macros by Laura a few months ago. I decided I needed to get serious about changing my eating habits and lose some weight I had gained over the last couple of years. Laura was great at explaining macros and how your body uses the right amount of them to lose weight and then maintain that weight loss. She was very patient when I asked a lot of questions and needed reinforcements. I would highly recommend letting Laura help you on your journey. I’ve lost 15 pounds in 2 months and have completely changed my way of eating’. -Judy

‘I’m so happy to have found Laura, I can’t believe how much food I get to eat and I’m still losing weight! It feels so weird because normally I would think “oh no, I can’t have that” but not with this plan!’ -Sharon


'This program is a massive breath of fresh air in the fitness industry, which is why I chose it! The approach is real and honest and because of that, I have had the best results I've seen in over 8 years!' -Karen


So you want to know what one of the freakin best things about starting this program is?! Like I said, you don’t have to go running frantically to the grocery store and spend an extra 300 dollars stocking up on all kinds of crazy food and “weight loss products”. 


Honestly, I can’t tell you how many f*cking times I was ready to start a new diet and was like oh shit I can’t start today, I need to make sure I have my list of 876 things I need for it first. 


I would proceed to go get those things, spending copious amounts of money just so I would be ready to start the diet! 


Once I had said things, the diet would start, I would continue it for however long I could deal with it this time without ‘falling off the wagon’ and then when I quit, all that crazy stuff would go to waste. 


Well guess what? You can start TODAY, you can start right NOW, right this SECOND! You don’t need any special food or supplements!! This program is built around the foods you love eating, the foods you always have at home, and the foods that make you feel your best!





*as always with a digital product, all sales are final.

Ditch the Diet - Your Complete Guide to Sustainable and Lasting Weight Loss

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